Japanese troupe performs an Urdu drama in Bhopal

BHOPAL, September 19, 2005 3:09:47 PM IST
Hiroshima Ki Kahani (The Story of Hiroshima), an Urdu play written by anime cartoonist Nakazawa Keiji was performed in Bhopal by a student delegation from Tokyo University.
The intensity of the play was heart-rendering and succeeded in reminding the audience of the Bhopal Gas Tragedy of December 3, 1984.
The play, which deals with a somber theme, has been penned by Nakazawa Keiji and was produced by Professor Asada Putoka from the Tokyo University.
Using computer projection, the play poignantly described the events in Hiroshima after the American bombing in August 1945 as seen by a six-year-old.
General Ishii Ymiko, Masui Akiko, Hasmito Megumi, Koide Yumi, Sakai Rinko, Shimooka Takuya, Maruo Shino were among the actors who mesmerized the audience with their theatrical histrionics and their command over Urdu.
“The idea of this play was to combine the two tragedies, Hiroshima and Bhopal Gas Tragedy as they have some thing in common. Thousands of people suffered through it without any of their fault”, says Ummi Fo, one of the performers.
The actors, their love for Urdu and their sheer commitment to bridge the cultural gaps was overwhelming.
The plays were greatly applauded by the audience.
“We are here with a message of peace. The tragedies were upsetting but now we should leave them behind and form a beautiful world,” said Professor Asada Putoka, Tokyo University.
In the same event, Professor Asada Putoka of Tokyo University also released a book Bharat Ka Hiroshima (India’s Hiroshima). (ANI)

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