Junior doctors threaten en masse resignation

Bhopal, October 21, 2005
JUNIOR DOCTORS across the State [of Madhya Pradesh] have threatened to tender en masse resignations on October 22 if the police did not arrest armed miscreants who manhandled and physically assaulted a junior doctor and other staff on duty at the Gwalior Medical College Hospital a couple of days ago.
The Junior Doctors’ Association (JDA) has alleged that the attackers were goons of Gwalior BJP district president Abhay Chaudhary.
In Gwalior, OVER 350 junior doctors today submitted en masse resignation to in-charge dean Dr G L Sharma of the GR Medical College. “Abhay Chaudhary’s men attacked our colleague Dr Amar Mukul Tiwari and injured him and some other hospital staff,” JDA president Dr Hemant Verma told the Hindustan Times today in Bhopal.
He added that Chaudhary had even used his political clout in the police department and prevented filing of an FIR against the culprits. “Police did not even register an FIR against the culprits under Chaudhary’s pressure,” claimed Dr Verma.
He asserted that the highhandedness of authorities did not stop at that and they went ahead and registere an FIR against four junior doctors who had approached the police station as complainants.
“The BJP leader pulled some strings and got a false case registered against the junior doctors who were actually the victims,” stated Dr Verma. Junior doctors have demanded immediate arrest of the miscreants for attacking a doctor and other staff on duty and interfering in their official work, failing which they would be forced to take extreme steps.
“There would be severe repercussions if the goons were not arrested immediately,” Dr Verma warned. He informed that the attackers, who arrived in five jeeps, had entered the hospital after breaking open the lock of the Kamla Raje gate at about 10.30 pm on October 17.
“The High Court had banned entry from that gate and got it locked,” informed Dr Verma, adding that the culprits should be booked under an offence of violating High Court orders too. Besides, the JDA has demanded that a case should be registered against the attackers for unlawfully entering the hospital premises armed with weapons.
Dr Hemant Verma stated that the false FIR registered against the four junior doctors should be immediately withdrawn. “We demand the State Government to immediately order police to take back the false FIR,’’ he asserted. The JDA has threatened that all the junior doctors working across the state would tender their resignations if their demands were not met by October 22.
“All junior doctors of the state would resign en masse if immediate action was not initiated against the culprits and false cases against our colleagues were not withdrawn,” warned Dr Verma.

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