Kids for a Better Future returns to Dow office

Kids for a Better Future returns to Dow office

A few weeks after first visiting the NYC Dow offices, Kids for a Better Future members Akash, Gautama and Eamonn went back to the Dow office and delivered thousands of hearts made and collected by kids.

KBF members had originally attempted to deliver the hearts on December 3, 2009 – the 25th Anniversary of the Bhopal Gas Disaster. On Dec 3rd, about fifty people went to speak with a Dow representative and demand for justice in Bhopal. They went armed with thousands of kids’ hearts – cut out of colored pieces of paper, bearing messages such as “Clean up Bhopal, Dow!” and “Have a Heart, Dow!” These kids realized that Dow did not have a heart.”Dow, you don’t have a heart! You don’t have a heart so take our hearts – and with our hearts, perhaps you can finally clean up Bhopal and pay for the atrocities you commited!” scream the hearts of children from all around the world.

Dow ran away from KBF – in anticipation of protests, their employees were told not to go to work that day. The security guards refused to put us on phone with a Dow representative, and one said about our hearts, “That’s sweet, kid. Congratulations, but we couldn’t care less about ’em – and neither could Dow!” and when we handed a flier to another security guard, he ripped it up. It was a perfect effort to wrap up our year’s work with the Bhopal survivors.

The cause is by no means resolved or ended, which no one seems to realize, twenty-five years after the disaster. Watch the video of what happened on December 3:


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