Lalita Bai's story

Lalita Bai lives in Shakti Nagar with her husband Munnalal Kahar, their son Kallu Kahar and his children Santosh, Sunny, Sanju and Chhotu, and their daughter Rajjo and her three-month-old daughter Poonam.
Lalita Bai told her story to Aziza:
At around 4 early morning water came over the boundary wall of the factory gushing towards our houses. In no time there was five feet water inside our home. One of my neighbours carried me on his shoulder up onto his roof. Others in my family were also helped by neighbours.
65 year old Biniya Bai, Raj Bai and Pradip Singh Tomar [42] risked their lives helping people out of the water. My three-month-old granddaughter Poonam fell in to the water and was saved by our neighbours. They wrapped her in a blanket and put her in a dry place.
All our food grain is wet and wasted.

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