List of injured includes a child of 3, police used batons and boots

1. Nawab Khan [59] Gandhinagar, Secretary of Bhopal Gas Peedit Mahila Purush Sangharsh Morcha was hit with stick on his right hand when he tried to protect Sarangi. Much swelling and pain in right hand. He was referred to the hospital for an x-ray.
Nawab Bhai’s hand was badly swollen and needed an x-ray.
2. Ummedi Bai [60] Sriram Nagar : Bleeding from right elbow and injury to right eye due to stick injury. She remembers a dark policeman hitting her.
3. Babulal [Baba] [50] Annu Nagar : Hit with a stick by police on his right thigh. He was pushed down by the cops. He lost his ‘kamandal’ [a sadhus only vessel] and his sacred necklace broke.
Babulal is a sadhu, a Hindu holy man, he too was beaten.
4. Sanno [30] Annu Nagar : Her children Sharukh [3] and Gulsiya [6] were crushed in the stampede when the police started chasing everyone down the stairs. Her daughter got fever after the demo. She has got a blackeye [left] from being hit with a stick and on her elbow when she was pushed around in the stampede.
Her small children were also hurt
5. Tulsiram [55] Annu Nagar : Police verbally abused him and then dragged and pushed him that caused bruises in his hand and on his back.
6. Vimala Bai [40] Shri Ram Nagar : Police hit her on her right knee and verbally abused her. She suffered a fall when she was pushed down the stairs.
7. Allah Rakhee [65] Nawab Colony : She got hurt on her pelvic bone and on her face when she was pushed by the police.
8. Maya Bai [40] Shri Ram Nagar : She was hit by a policeman with a stick on her right hand. Also suffered injuries due to being stuck in a crowd.
Hurt by police and crushed in the panic
9. Kasturi Bai [50] Shri Ram Nagar : She was hit with a stick on her back. Suffered a fall when pushed down the stairs injuring her hip and knee. Also got verbally abused by the police as they were beating.
Being fifty years old did not save Kasturi from a thrashing
10. Sikandar [17] Annu Nagar : Got crushed in the stampede caused by police chasing people downstairs. Injury in his legs.
11. Syed M Irfan [55] Itwara, President, Bhopal Gas Peedit Mahila Purush Sangharsh Morcha got hit by a stick in his middle finger and was pushed down the stairs. S R Yadav, the Police Station Incharge of Jehangirabad Police Station grabbed him by the neck and banged his head against the police van. Received injuries on his forehead.
12. Tulsa Bai [60] Blue Moon Colony : Has a bruise from police hitting her with a stick on the back of her right leg. She was also hit with a stick on her back which made her fall and was crushed in the stampede.
13. Shyam Bai [40] Annu Nagar : Fell down while being pushed down the stairs and suffered injury on her right thigh. She was also hit with a police stick on her back and has difficulty walking.
14. Rashida Bee [49] Bag Umrao Dulha : Hit with a stick on her head drawing blood. Bangles broken due to stick injury on her hand. Stick injury also on left shoulder. Injured in her elbow when dragged by the police.
Goldman Prize winner Rasheeda Bee was struck on the head with a wooden baton, drawing blood
15. Shabbo [45] Annu Nagar : Fell on the stairs when pushed by the police. Ribs and back injured and cant sleep on the side. Swelling and pain in abdomen.
16. Shahazadi [42] Blue Moon : Police dragged her by the hand. Suffered bruise in her left elbow and hand when hit with a stick by the police.
17. Saleem Khan [41] Annu Nagar : We were demonstrating peacefully but Mr Yadav grabbed me and threatened me that he will chase away my sleep. 3-4 policemen rained sticks on his back leading to bruises.
18. Ruby Khan [35] Blue Moon Colony : Policemen held her by her hair and banged her head against another woman’s head. Was also kicked from behind. Was hurt badly and was dizzy long after. Policemen misbehaved with her.
19. Rani Chouhan [50] Annu Nagar : S R Yadav verbally abused her and raised his hand to hit her which she stopped. She told Mr Yadav that men have no right to hit women. Mr Yadav got even more angry and said I will teach you law. She insisted that female cops should be called but was told by Mr Yadav that he could handle both men and women. Then he punished her which made her fall.
20. Rajshree Goyal [40] Shri Ram Nagar : Was verbally abused and pushed down the stairs.
21. Nidhi Rajput [9] Sundar Nagar : When police were beating Sathyu I was standing close to him. I got hit on my right hand and suffered injuries. I have pain in my neck too. Police was verbally abusing every one. She fell down due to pushing by the police.
22. Narendra Singh Rajput [19] Sundar Nagar : Policemen pushed him down the stairs and he suffered injuries in his back. They also verbally abused him.
23. Mehfooz Khan [55] Blue Moon Colony : Police beat him at the back of his right knee and pushed him down the stairs. They dragged him down and beat him more with sticks.

You can actually see where the baton struck Mehfooz’s knee
24. Shakeela Bee [35] Annu Nagar : Fell down when pushed by police and was verbally abused.
25. Satinath Sarangi [51] Sheetal Nagar, Berasia Road : First S R Yadav punched me on the face following which 3-4 policemen started beating me with sticks. I was also kicked on my chest and punched. They swung me holding my hair and legs. My glasses broke, I lost my slippers and my clothes were torn. My left knee is also bruised.
Sathyu Sarangi is dragged by his hair to a police van
26. Rachna Dhingra [27] Sheetal Nagar, Berasia Road : I was pushed around by policemen and was dragged in to the police van.
Testimonies collected by Mr. Anil Singh a social worker from a non government organization called Muskan, also a free lance journalist.

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