Madhya Pradesh allocates more funds for medicines, equipment and a new medical college

Special efforts for modernisation of hospitals attached to five medical colleges of state.
* 30.97% increase in medical education’s budget this year
* Rs five crore provision for new medical college at Sagar
* 70% increase in budget for purchase of medicines this year
* Rs 57.50 lakh to be spent on purchase of new cushions, bed sheets and blankets
* 148% more funds to be spent on repair and maintenance of medical equipment this year

This year’s budget, for the five hospitals attached to medical schools in the state, is nearly 31% higher than last year’s, with more money being allocated to buy medicines and equipment.
The state government, stating that it wishes to keep pace with the latest developments in medical education, will also modernise its medical colleges and the hospitals attached to them, and has provided more than 150 crores of rupees for this purpose.
Last year’s total budget for the deparment was Rs 116.06 crores and the new figures represent a 70% increase.
The budget for buying new cushions, bed sheets and blankets has increased to Rs 57.50 lakhs as against last year’s Rs 41.57 lakhs, a rise of 38%.
Similarly, in order to improve investigation and treatment facilities, a sum of 2.1 crores of rupees has been allocated for the repair and maintenance of equipment, an increase of 148% over last year. Lack of funds in previous years had meant that equipment could not be repaired and patients accordingly suffered. The increase in budget would mean that optimum use would be made of facilities, the government said.
After 42 years, the state will get a new government medical college, to be built at Sagar in the Bundelkhand region. Five crores of rupees have been allocated to the first phase of its development.
The state presently operates five medical colleges, in addition to other health institutions such as Bhopal’s Sultania Lady Hospital; the Regional Institute of Ophthalmology; MP Nursing-cum-Medical Council, Indore; Chacha Nehru Child Hospital; Mental Hospital; Dental Hospital; Nursing College; Cancer Hospital; Gwalior’s Mental Hospital and Jabalpur’s Cancer Hospital.

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