Madhya Pradesh disputes GoM finding on R&R of Narmada oustees

New Delhi, Apr 27:
BJP-ruled Madhya Pradesh has disputed the findings of the Central Group of Ministers (GoM) on the relief and rehabilitation (R&R) of the oustees of Narmada Dam and opposed the setting up of a three-member committee by Prime Minister Manmohan Singh on the issue.
In an additional affidavit filed in the Supreme Court, Madhya Pradesh government accused the GOM of being one-sided and finalising its report without any discussions with the state officials during its visit of the R&R sites.
It also opposed the setting up of the committee by the Centre, saying “there is no need to constitute a new committee for fresh scrutiny of R&R measures taken in Madhya Pradesh” as Secretary to the Governmet of India and senior officials of the member states were already members of the R&R Sub-Group of the Narmada Control Authority.
The affidavit also pointed out that the Grievance Redressal Authority in Madhya Pradesh was headed by a retired Chief Justice of High Court.
Alleging that the Ministers were “accompanied by an NBA lawyer from Delhi”, the state claimed that “at places this gentleman would identify the person who would address the GoM.
On the GoM finding that there was no rehabilitation in Khalghat, it said there was no such site at Khalghat and that the actual R&R site was at Khal Buzurg.
Earlier, in its affidavit filed in the Supreme Court, Gujarat had also questioned the rationale behind setting up of the committee to go into the R&R of the oustees saying the existing mechanism was working satisfactorily.
The apex court is scheduled to hear the parties on May 1.

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