Madhya Pradesh makes plans to tackle water crisis

Bhopal, May 11 (IANS) Faced with an acute water shortage, the Madhya Pradesh government is planning to construct 1,000 water structures, including dams and percolation tanks.
‘Steps are being taken in view of the increasing water crisis in the state with towns and cities getting water from once in two days to once in seven days,’ a top government official said.
‘Twenty three districts have been identified for the construction of water structures in the first phase for which the groundwater prospect maps prepared by NRSA (National Remote Sensing Agency), Hyderabad, would be used,’ he said.
‘Besides, in order to ensure effective implementation of the ‘Jalabhishek Abhiyan’ (government’s water conservation campaign) at the field level, an action plan will be chalked out for the assessment of demand and supply of water in each village of the state.’
The action plan is aimed at estimating the availability of water in the various existing resources of over 23,000 villages in the state.
‘The level of water consumption from these resources, including wells, tube wells, tanks, check-dams, stop-dams and rivers, would also be assessed,’ he said.
The government is also planning to prepare an inventory of the water structures to figure out why some structures are becoming useless or partially usable, and thereby to remove the defects.

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