Maharashtra MP opposes the move to transport Bhopal toxic waste to Nagpur

Muttemwar raises Bhopal toxic waste matter in LS
TNN Aug 4, 2011, 01.07am IST

NAGPUR: City MP Vilas Muttemwar has opposed the proposal to dispose of in Nagpur the toxic waste from Union Carbide plant site in Bhopal. Raising the issue in Parliament, he has also sought a clear-cut policy on disposal of toxic waste in the country.

Taking up the matter in Lok Sabha under rule 377, Muttemwar said the proposal to transport the toxic waste from Bhopal to the DRDO facility on the outskirts of Nagpur was fraught with danger. “This is nothing but injustice to people of Nagpur and Vidarbha where pollution levels are already high because of a large number of thermal power stations.

“It is surprising how such a move can be justified. Presumably, the government wants to rid Bhopal of toxic waste, but transporting the dangerous material and incinerating in Nagpur would have hazardous implications for people in and around Nagpur,” said Muttemwar. The whole exercise could lead to catastrophic health problems, he added.

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