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WOWOWOWOWO! Fanbloodytastic!!!!

Dear Mr Ryan Bodany and Students for Bhopal,
Congratulations for this great victory! The Bhopal People deserves a better life quality after so many desperate years.
I hope this incredible campaign work will bring a new perspective for the People around the world.
Let´s hope for a better world.
Sincerely yours,
Sandra Burle Marx Smith
from Rio de Janeiro, Brasil
(Environmental Marketing and Socioenvironmental MKT professor)
Congratulations to the people of Bhopal, their representatives and the
tireless workers on this campaign! This victory proves the importance
and centrality of collective, organized, and sustained political
action. The neoliberal fiends in New Delhi, who never miss an
opportunity to brutalize opponents of their policies – have definitely
Score: People – 1 , Ruling Class – 0
Gud work guys,
Really heartening to see people working tirelessly for a just cause and for the outpouring of compassion to the less fortunate ones.
A personal thanks,
Hi Ryan,
Fantastic work!
Ryan – Great news! Thanks for filling me in. I hope that the government
keeps their word.
a HUGE congrats from all of us @ datacenter.
hope all is well. forward and upward….. xoxomiho
Congrats, RB!!!
That’s great news. So, hard work does pay off.
Thanks for the summary, Ryan. You folks rock!
much love,
Mera Bharath Mahaan….
Congratulations, Ryan! fabulous news!
The next task is to make sure the Indian Govt. keeps its promise!
Incredible! Great news, Ryan!
congratulations to all.
a good fight and a honorable response, even though
Having covered the Bhopal events of 1984 and beyond
for The New York Times and written a book on it, and
having interacted with victims and others for many
years, I am deeply touched.
This is wonderful!! Now we must make sure that it really does happen!!
Hi Ryan,
Thank you very much for doing this!! Congratulations!! You’re a great humanitarian, and all of India must thank you for this.
Jai Hind,
Dear Ryan
CONGRATULATIONS on the victory in Bhopal.
In solidarity,
We are very much delighted and relieved to learn of
your victory. Heartiest congratulations!.
Keep up your undying, indomitable and invincing spirit
and then, success cannot be but yours to ensure proper
implementation of the assurances given by the
With best wishes for a healthy and peaceful living for
N R Vaidyanathan
Keep the pressure on so that the Govt. does what it commits.
Prof. Ajay Chandak.
Dear Ryan Bodanyi
I am gladdened by the news of the stunning victory of the Bhopali peoples victory and feel honoured to have had the privilege of being a small part of it.
My heartiest congratulations on behalf of the Coal Mine Workers of Queensland , Australia, and I sincerely hope the undertakings from the Government will be swiftly and fully honoured.
In Unity and Friendship
Andrew Vickers
District President
CFMEU Mining and Energy Division
Please keep up the struggles
thomas kocherry
Remember we have to take lesson from the past and have vigil over the situation.
With warm solidarity

Kirity Roy
Banglar Manabadhikar Suraksha Mancha
Keep it up….
Wonderful news. You just made my day, month and year.
Thanks to you and the committed people of the movement
for making this world a better place to live in.
That was truly a memorable message to gladen all our hearts.
Wishing you strength and our best wishes to traverse the road road ahead.
amazing effort…. with all cheers and love I highly congratulate your spirit and zeal that resulted in teh success…
congrats for victories are few and far between and all the more to be cherished! Anand
Heartiest congratulations on ur victory !
Keep up the gud work, we are with u.
Dear All,
I congratulate all the Bhopalis and those other supporters who had been fighting for so many days for a noble cause and finally remained successful.I congratulate once again to those who had been physically involved in the campaign.
CONGRATULATIONS!!! Its indeed a victory!! The consistency this campaign has shown is really commendable and a fine example.
With Best Wishes,
Yes, indeed, amazing, and a great and inspiring example of how to campaign – of how to move together. Of what ‘movement’ is about. Congratulations to all of you !
Thanks also for laying out here the various components of the Bhopal campaign, as you see them. This is very interesting, and very important for all of us to know, how you felt you managed to gain this great victory, and – as it were – ‘how the Bhopal movement spoke’ : What the words were, and how you put them together.
All strength to all of you for the next steps, both on getting the state to make material the concessions (which the recent report from Nity seems to suggest is happening) and, crucially, on Dow.
I am ccing this message to listserves of people who I am sure would also like to know of this.
In solidarity –
Jai Sen
PS : For anyone interested in reviewing what has happened over the past four weeks in the Bhopal campaign, visit ; and of course the Students for Bhopal website as below.
Dear Ryan,
Thanks for your beautiful mail. I’m truly glad that you aren’t returning till promises are kept. Thanks for what you’re doing for all of us.
With warm regards,
great ….
feel so much happeyness ……
Dear All
Really it is great pleasure for us and we are thankfull to all
who have been supported directly or indirectlt to achieve this victory.
Thanks & Regards
I am delighted to get the overwhelming news about all the bhopalis..I wish them good luck and great life now on…
Love & best regards
hey ryan,
i know this is very belated, but i want to say congratulations on the big victories. it makes me very happy and hopeful that good things are possible. congratulations, you are a machine!
Congratulations on a victory well won!
Alfredo Quarto,
Congratulations on your achievement on behalf of affected people for
Bhopal. It has been an amazing campaign and I thank and congratulate
all the people involved in it for their dedication and perseverance.
It is unformtunate that such an effort was necessary for securing the
natural rights of the affected people. The government should have
responded naturally and automatically long back and ensured that
natural justice was done as a matter of humanity and national pride.
Just shows that a few concerned people have to fight hard to achieve
what they believe in.
The fight is not over till the governement implements its promises.
All the best.
It always amazes me how a tiny contribution can have such a major impact on other people’s lives
congratulations for ur victory based on ur hard work determination.
Dr.Nancy, Tamilnadu
This is wonderful, Ryan! I’m so happy for the people of Bhopal and it shows how people power can work. A special word of thanks and congratulations to you: I know how tireless you’ve been on this issue.
Dear Ryan,
I just wanted to congratulate you personally. I am sure the fight is far from over, but Students for Bhopal has accomplished something truly astounding — as I’m sure you’re aware. Thank you for working so hard on something so important. I look forward to the day when the other two demands are met as well.
All best,
Merci à vous tous, pour le soutien à la campagne en faveur des victimes de Bhopal.
Lisez ci dessous les 4 requetes qui ont été acceptées par le gouvernement indien en faveur de ces vicitimes de l’injustice sociale et de l’incompétence des gouvernements humains.
Si vous voulez des informations sur ce qui s’est réellement produit à Bhopal, le 3 dec 1984, merci de visiter le site
Bien à vous
la lutte continue
Congratulations. Kindly convey my heartfelt joy and happiness to all.
In solidarity,
WOW!! A big yahoooooo on this victory.
Bill Price,
Sierra Club EJ Resource Coordinator, Central Appalachia
Great news! Congratulations to Bhopalis! Keep up the spirit to ensure everything is implemented the way it’s supposed to. Wish them the Best of Luck! God Bless India and Bhopal!
Congratulations !!
You did a great job, keep it up.
hey – yes, this is amazing!! congratulations!!!! and thank you so much
for passing along the news! what will you do next? all best, —sophia
Hi Ryan,
Congratulations on a great win for Bhopal! On behalf of SEAC, we congratulate all of the youth and student workers who have educated and organized in support of the Bhopalis demands for human rights and reparations.
Thanks for keeping us all up to date,

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