Medha Patkar served defamation notice

Friday, 05 May , 2006, 04:21
Ahmedabad: A local advocate T S Nanavati has sent a notice to Narmada Bachao Andolan (NBA) activist Medha Patkar questioning her about her alleged recent accusations against National Council for Civil Liberties activist V K Saxena.
In his notice, Nanavati has asked Patkar to produce evidence of the allegations she has made against Saxena in a TV interview on April 20.
Nanavati told UNI that on behalf of his client, Saxena, he has issued the last notice on April 29 to Patkar asking her to prove her allegations.
Navavati has challenged Patkar’s claim that Saxena is a beneficiary and a contractor of Sardar Sarovar Narmada Nigam Limted, which is a public sector unit (PSU) of Gujarat government for constructing the Narmada dam. Patkar had claimed that she was in possession of a CD and other documents as evidenceas proof.
The NBA activist claimed that on basis the documents, she had filed a defamation case against Saxena in a Delhi court in 2000, which is still pending.
The advocate, in his notice, has challenged Patkar to prove her allegations or face a defamation case from his client. In his notice, Nanavati has categorically denied that there was any such case filed by Patkar against his client.
In fact, Patkar had filed a case against Saxena under IPC 500 in the Delhi Metropolitan court on April 17, 2000, which was subsequently dismissed, the advocate claimed.
Nanavati has sought an public apology from Ms Patkar on the same TV channel, withdrawing her allegations.

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