More pro-nuclear bullshit from the industry of paid liars

“Scared of nuclear power? Worried that another Chernobyl is around the corner? Well think again,” says author Ralph Andrews, environmentalist turned nuclear lobbyist. He claims that nuclear power is clean, safe, economical, environmentally sound, could end our dependence on oil, stop terrorism and reverse global warming.
Forget the obligatory invocation of the “terrorism” buzzword. Andrews like every thinking person knows perfectly well that terrorism is bred not by commodity trading but by inhumanity and injustice.
His optimism about what he calls “global warming” is equally misplaced for climate change is already upon us and, according to many scientists, cannot now be turned around. Whatever is going to happen will have to run its course and that could well involve inundation of low lying areas, the dwindling of the Gulf Stream with arctic winters for the UK and north western Europe, as well as unpredictable and bizarre weather patterns, droughts, floods and more monstrous storms like the one that destroyed New Orleans.
It is doubtful whether any of these things could have been avoided, even had strong measures to cut oil consumption been taken two decades ago, but there was not then, and is not now, any political will to do so. The US administration may be slowly changing its tune on “global warming” but it has still not signed up to the Kyoto agreement.
Conservative Americans view any challenge to their wasteful way of life as an attack on “freedom”. Eyes fixed on their bibles, guns and cars, they remain oblivious and insensitive to the rest of the world. Their leaders are, however, are being gradually shaken awake to Peak Oil realities. They now also find themselves in a race for resources with China, which used to be regarded as a bamboo economy but which has already put its markers on most of the world’s stocks of oil, cement and steel.
The problem is that nobody wants to stop using oil, and using it at greater rates than ever before in history. As the war to grab dwindling oil reserves spreads, as seems likely, from Iraq to Iran and thence possibly to Saudi Arabia, the inevitable end to which gung-ho US foreign policy will lead is a heavyweight conflict with China. Nuclear energy appears to offer a way out of this deadly situation. (It will also produce the plutonium necessary for a new generation of nuclear weapons in numbers sufficient to wipe out a continent of, say, 2.5 billion people.)
Two articles ago in this blog, Mikhail Gorbachev, who had to deal with the political fall out of Chernobyl, earnestly and urgently counselled against the wholesale adoption of nuclear power. The waste is lethal and it will fuel a new nuclear arms race. Other alternatives are still available, he said, provided the political will and money can be found to develop them. Unfortunately, the politicians are not listening.
Nuclear energy, which ten years ago looked dead, is now the bright hope of the oil-guzzling establishment. Publics in the west remain to be convinced. Hence the present PR drive. This is why Chernobyl, with its devastation plain to see in the faces of Ukrainian children, is now being dismissed by people like Andrews as a “one in a million” occurence.
Nuclear power stations are going to take a decade to build, and will be built not because they are really needed, but because the oil addicts will insist on fuelling their addiction to the bitter end.
The story, from PR Web, follows:

Nuclear Green founder Ralph Andrews explores the environmental benefits of nuclear power in “NUCLEAR GREEN: The End of Oil & Coal (and Good Riddance!)”
Calabasas, CA (PRWEB) July 23, 2006 — Ralph Andrews, the founder of Nuclear Green, Inc., an organization promoting nuclear energy, shows why nuclear power is the answer to our energy and environmental needs in is bold and compelling “NUCLEAR GREEN: The End of Oil and Coal (and Good Riddance!)”
Scared of nuclear power? Worried that another Chernobyl is around the corner? Well think again, says author Ralph Andrews. The author insists that nuclear power has a better safety record today than any other major industrial technology. It’s clean, safe, economical and environmentally sound, and with it, we can end our dependence on oil, stop terrorism and reverse global warming.
In clear, compelling prose, Andrews examines what really went on at Three-Mile Island (where there was not a single casualty) and how despite the media hype, Chernobyl was simply a one-in-a-million occurrence. Environmentalists, he says, have distorted facts and brought down the nuclear industry. Now it’s our responsibility to bring nuclear power to the forefront again. Andrews, the creator of the talk show and column, The Troublemaker, is no stranger to controversy. This bold, photograph-rich book will stir debate and get readers thinking. Unless we use nuclear energy now, Andrews warns, the human race may not survive the 21st-century. Do we want to take that chance?
“NUCLEAR GREEN: The End of Oil and Coal (and Good Riddance!)” is available for sale online at,,, and through additional wholesale and retails channels worldwide. For more information or to request a free review copy, please contact Nuclear Green.
About the Author
Ralph Andrews is a long time member of The Sierra Club, but, according to the author, is “unable to support, or understand their well-publicized stand against nuclear power.” Andrews founded his own production company in 1966, and for more than three decades produced hundreds of television programs that involved each of the three major television networks at the time, NBC, CBS and ABC. During that period his company produced more than 5,000 network television programs including reality shows, game shows, documentaries and variety programs. His company also purchased controlling interest in a TV station in Southern California, for which Ralph became the General Manager and Program Director. He took a brief hiatus during the seventies when he was appointed by Senator Bob Dole to be Director of Education and Training for the Republican National Committee. He is also the co-founder and first chairman of the Entertainment Industries Council, The Hollywood and Washington DC based organization leading the fight in the entertainment industry against alcohol and substance abuse. Andrews, a father of eight, lives in Southern California.

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