‘Murdered’ boy reappears to save his parents

Bhopal – In a scene straight out of a Hindi movie, a 14-year-old boy who had disappeared six months ago made a dramatic appearance in a Madhya Pradesh court where his parents were being tried for his murder.
Gabbar went missing Feb 10 from Hoshangabad district. On March 20, the police found a body, took it to be Gabbar’s and promptly arrested his parents – Ramesh Yadav and Neelu – on charges of murdering him even as they pleaded innocence.
Gabbar, who mysteriously reappeared Thursday, was taken to the district court where the hearing over his ‘murder’ was scheduled Friday.
Lawyer Ramraj Singh Thakur, the distraught parents’ lawyer, asked the court to free them because the boy was alive.
Thakur explained to IANS what had happened: ‘Gabbar used to sell peanuts on trains. One day he took a train to Jalgaon in Maharashtra where he was arrested and handed over to a remand home.
‘Since he belonged to Madhya Pradesh he was sent to a juvenile home in Bhopal. The juvenile home officials took several weeks to inform his family,’ the lawyer said.
On receipt of the startling information, the boy’s uncle, Punamchand, and elder brother Kallu rushed to Bhopal and brought him back – just in time.
But the police still have their doubts.
‘The case is pending in court. We are trying to verify if the boy is indeed Gabbar,’ Hoshangabad additional superintendent of police A.K. Pande told IANS.

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