N-tragedy affects generations says expert

“A NUCLEAR tragedy leaves its impact on several generations,” said Prof. Geza L. Lukacs of the University of Debrecen Medical and Health Science Center in Hungary.
Prof Lukacs, who was in BHU to participate in an International Integrated Meet of Cancer Societies, said reports of people affected by the Hiroshima, Nagasaki (both in Japan) and Chernobyl (Ukraine) tragedies were still pouring in.
Prof Lukas, who operated on victims of the Chernobyl nuclear tragedy as late as in 2004 and 05, said there was a 60-fold increase in cancer patients in a 30-km radius of Chernobyl. He added that the isotopic radiation of the tragedy spread across the world. He said most of the patients were suffering from cancer of thyroid, leukemia and lymphoma. He said increasing dependence on nuclear power plants was a threat to humanity.
Live surgery at Coimbatore to be viewed in BHU: Participants of annual meet of the Association of Surgeons of India (ASI) scheduled to be held from December 25 to 30 this year in BHU, will have an opportunity to view a live surgery under way in Coimbatore.
Minimal access surgery expert and ASI president Prof C. Palanivelu said he would perform a surgery in Coimbatore, which would be telecast live at Swatantrata Bhawan in BHU on December 25.
Prof. Palanivelu, winner of the Dr BC Roy National Award for 2006, claimed he had performed a surgery in August this year which was telecast live in Leeds University in the UK. He said he would address queries of participants through video-conferencing.

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