Netherlands should finance medical project in Halabja – By Vladimir van Wilgenburg
The Dutch socialistic party SP requested Dutch Minister Van Ardenne (Development cooperation) to finance a medical project for the Kurdish victims of the chemical attack in Halabja. A health project of the KRG [Kurdish Regional Government], Liverpool university and several organizations is about to stop due to the lack of money.
Second Chamber member Krista van Velzen said that Holland has a special responsibility towards the victims, because the chemical ingredients came from the Dutch businessman, Frans van Anraat, who recently was convicted for supplying Saddam’s regime with chemicals used in the attacks on Halabja. “With a moderate contribution we can keep this project alive and show our commitment,” said the Dutch politician, who contributed to Van Anraat’s arrest and trial.
Victims of the Halabja attack have to face several diseases because of the chemicals. A small British project that was focused on battling birth defects and infant deaths is about to stop due a lack of money.
The attacks, which consisted of a cocktail of chemical and biological nerve and mustard agents, caused its victims DNA mutations, physical malformations, cancer, paralysis, birth defects, infant mortality, immediate and long-term neuropsychiatric damage, etc.
This project was successful and gave help and treatment to the victims.
The costs were about 100.000 euro a year. Infant mortality, cancer and birth defects were treated and taken care off, because of this project.
There was also scientific research into the cure for birth diffects.
Van Velzen thought it would be a pity, that there would come an end to this health care and scientific research project, because of insufficient money resources. “Health care in the Kurdish area is problematic.
Therefore health care for the victims of the chemical attacks isn’t sufficient. The Netherlands could make a good gesture towards the Kurdish people, by giving this support”
“The people of Kurdistan are still suffering because of the chemical attacks. Holland is morally obligated to contribute to medical research and medical care for the victims. I urge everyone to come to the memorial [Sunday Amsterdam] to show our solidarity with the victims. Let’s condemn this crime, what happened in Halabja, may never happen again,” said Van Velzen.
Recently angry protesters in Halabja destroyed the Halabja memorial museum. They asked for better public health services. According to the protestors, the Kurdish government isn’t doing enough to help the residents of Halabja.

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