Now or never

If you’ve been reading the daily blog of the March to Delhi, at, you know that the padyatris have reached Delhi. They’ve been joined by 600 more gas survivors from Bhopal, and together they are determined to remain in Delhi until their demands are fulfilled by the Prime Minister.
After spending five weeks marching 500 miles on foot, an indefinite hungerstrike looms – still more physical strain on those already poisoned and sickened.
NOW is the time.
They need our support.
Over these last few weeks I’ve been inspired and awed by your commitment. So many of you have taken action; so many of you have been moved to do what you can. But we need you to do more.
Fax the Prime Minister. If you’ve already faxed, get 10 more people to fax. Collect a petition and enter the names yourself. Hand out lollipops to everyone who faxes. Do what you need.
Take Action. Faxing is the single-most important thing you can do, but you can do more. Call the Prime Minister. Contact the media. Demonstrate outside an Indian consulate. You’ll find a full list of ideas at
Remember: we MUST win. NOW is the time. If we do not pressure the Indian Government into conceding to our demands, the march and all our effort will fail. We have to win. And we cannot do so without your support.

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