People admire Aamir Khan joining protesters at Jantar Mantar

ew Delhi – Aamir Khan, one of the most popular Bollywood stars have joined at Jantar Mantar with the protesting Narmada Bachao Andolan (NBA) activists and Bhopal gas tragedy victims, on Friday.
His presence has enhanced the moral strength for the activists. The people have haled his action and expect the Govt. to redress their grievances.
Khan is against corruption and is considered a clean personality. An agency writes that Khan fresh from the success of film Rang De Basanti – which deals with ordinary citizens tired of corruption taking on the high and mighty.
He spent time with the protestors for more than two hours, listening to their problems and promising to support their cause whole-heartedly.
Other cast of the film as well as its director Rakeysh Om Prakash Mehra was also present. Khan, however, said his support to the two campaigns should not be seen as indicative of any plans to enter politics.
Khan said, “Last week when I was in Delhi, I passed by Jantar Mantar and was told about the two campaigns. I decided to come back and learn more about their problems. I don’t know about the technicalities involved in raising the dam height. What I know is that farmers have been displaced from their land and lost their livelihood.
Till they are rehabilitated, the dam height should not be raised,” he told reporters.
As regards Bhopal gas tragedy victims, he said the government should give them an audience as soon as possible. He appealed to Prime Minister Manmohan Singh to pay immediate attention to the two issues. “If need be, I will meet the PM. But I want the suffering people, who know the problems first-hand, to talk to him themselves,” Khan said.

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