President Triet writes to Agent Orange victims

HA NOI — President Nguyen Minh Triet has expressed his “profound sympathies ” for the victims of Agent Orange and other defoliants in a letter written both to them – and the entire Vietnamese people – as their day, next Thursday, draws nearer.
“The war ended more than 30 years ago,” he says in the letter dated last Thursday.
“But still we witness millions of our fellow countrymen suffering the heavy consequences of the Agent Orange-Dioxin.
“Many have met a painful death.
“Others suffer each day from diseases and many couples have been left without hope when they gave birth to deformed children.
“The Party, the State and the people will always sympathise with and have extended special concern for the victims.
“Activities that have taken place on their behalf throughout the country have helped lessen their “Orange Pain,” and provide conditions for them to make greater efforts to defeat their disabilities.
“Their pain is the pain of the entire Vietnamese people and of the world’s progressive people.
“I express my deep sympathies with you,” the president wrote for the victims.
“Let me share with you this loss and pain.
“I praise all the victims who have set the example of “self-reliance,” and are determined to rehabilitate themselves to integrate with the community.
“I applaud and sincerely thank the wholehearted and selfless material and spiritual support extended by our international friends to Viet Nam’s Agent Orange-Dioxin victims.
“I ask all Party committees, administrations, mass organisations, offices and the people in and outside the country to further promote the national tradition of ” mutual affection” and continue their help for the victims.
“May the Association of Agent Orange-Dioxin Victims ensure effective activities that fulfil their noble responsibilities and targets.
“May all the victims strive for a greater effort for better health to work and study for a better life.”

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