Quilt Of Tears

It’s called the quilt of tears. It’s actually lots of quilts made up of pieces donated by loved ones of agent orange victims.
It was started by the late Jennie Lesevre who lost her husband to cancer in 1989. Vietnam veteran Henry Snyder and his wife Shelia have taken the Lesevre’s cause.
Henry Snyder says, “and she basically did what every Vietnam wanted when he got home. A big hug, a kiss, and a welcome home.”
Snyder says there has been over a quarter million deaths due to exposure to agent orange and the casualty list grows daily.
Shelia Snyder says, “we have no government memorials for any of these guys that have passed away due to these cancers.”
The government did finally recognize there were 40 ailments associated with agent orange, but Snyder says it’s still often hard to get attention for compensation.
“the Vietnam vet has had to fight for everything he’s gotten since he came home in the 60s and 70s.”
When Larry Corsby of Sioux Falls was in Vietnam he was exposed to Agent Orange. He died last year and when his family was going through his effects, they came across a poem he had written. It goes like this, “When the earth takes my body, let the eagle take my soul. Let him carry me across his battle fields so once again I can be with my friends and ask forgiveness for the deaths of my enemies.”
The Quilt of Tears will go to Harrisburg, Pennsylvania next.
To go to the Quilt of Tears website, click here.

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