Quintuplets born in Bhopal, four dead

Bhopal: In probably the first case of its kind in Madhya pradesh, a woman gave birth to quintuplets, four of whom died within six hours.
The four boys and one girl were born at a local nursing home here late Thursday. The surviving girl is in a critical situation, doctors said.
“This is the first such case in Bhopal, may be in Madhya Pradesh. While two children were delivered in a normal manner after two hours of labour, for the other three a caesarean section had to be performed,” said Motwani Das, director of the New Aks Hospital where the babies were born.
However, the 26-year-old mother was out of danger and could also conceive later. Her first child, who was just two-years-old, died of pneumonia and she had taken treatment to conceive again.
“As the children were born three months premature, their chances of survival were remote. Prematurely born children suffer degeneration of brain cells, underdeveloped kidneys, insufficient lung capacity and a weak heart,” Das explained.
The children weighed only 400 grams as against a normal two to three kg, but were otherwise normal, he added.

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