"Run for your life!" Chennai beach run for Bhopal

On the 21st anniversary of Bhopal we at Chennai are organizing an awareness run in Besant Nagar – a very popular coastal locality in city of Chennai. The theme of the run would revolve around the relevance of the Bhopal Gas Disaster to our lives today. The theme will also look at a general awareness on the need for safe environment and greater corporate accountability in our corporate ruled lives.
The route of the run will cover an area of about 5kms and will end with a candle-light-vigil at Elliot’s Beach (a popular beach in Besant Nagar). This beach is a weekend crowd puller and the 3rd of December being a Saturday will have a considerable gathering. We are inviting schools, friends and local residents to participate. We invite your suggestions to help us make this action more effective and significant.
Thank you, Dharmesh

Please contact Dharmesh for more information

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