Ryan Bodanyi talk in Chennai

Students and Activism
Reflections invites you to a talk on Students and Activism by Ryan Bodanyi on Sunday(15th Jan) at 7:30 pm. Turn up if you want to know what really is activism, what are activists like and how it is relevant to student life.
Venue: MBA – 2 classroom, DOMS.
(the new management department at the Old library opposite the Director’s Bungalow. Take a right from GC and walk a few paces. It’ll be on the right side.)
About the speaker
Ryan Bodanyi is the students coordinator for the International Campaign for Justice in Bhopal (ICJB). He has worked with students from over 70 colleges, high schools, and universities over the past two years to form the network “Students for Bhopal”: a coalition dedicated to winning justice for the survivors of Bhopal. A 2003 graduate of the University of Michigan, Bodanyi has also worked for the Ecology Center’s Clean Car Campaign and the Greenpeace Toxics Campaign. He is based in Ann Arbor, Minnesota
He is here in India for the ICJB international meeting in Bhopal and is visiting Chennai to interact with students.
The talk will be preceded by a 25 min documentary film titled “Closer to Reality” made by a group of students from Delhi University while visiting Bhopal on a fact finding mission in October 2004.
Ryan will share his experiences from working with students and interact with the IITM junta after the talk.
Please inform all your friends who’d be interested. This is the first time a talk of this kind is being held in IITM.
Be there !!!

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