Shankar Nagar and Oriya Basti

Pictures taken by Biju Kumar, Panchakarma therapist. Community health workers Aziza and Masarrat and Titesh visited the two bastis to distribute medicines, water purifying tablets and pamphlets.
<img alt="Ritesh-Distributing-ORS.jpg" src="" width="450" height="338" /
Ritesh distributing oral rehydration salts
Aziza distributing medicine
Masarrat handing out health advisory pamphlets written and printed by Sambhavna the day before
Making a donation to help the flood relief work
Donations can be made online to the Bhopal Medical Appeal, which funds the work of the Sambhavna Trust Clinic, by clicking here now.
Please note, the Bhopal Medical Appeal is a project of the Pesticide Action Network, UK, and so the receipt on your credit card statement will say PESTICIDE ACTION NETWORK.

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