Shortage of doctors in Bhopal Memorial Hospital: in the last seven months 25 have left and only 4 joined

Bhopal : 17 July If doctors at the super-specialty Bhopal Memorial Hospital continue to resign there will soon be a crisis for the critically ill. Since the last strike by employees, 25 doctors have said goodbye to this hospital. Currently 150 posts of Senior Resident doctors are lying vacant.
The management is exerting itself to fill the vacant posts. However, in the last 7 months only 4 have been filled. Because of the shortage of doctors, Senior Residents are overworked. Senior Residents raised this issue during their strike from December 3, 2005 to January 14, 2006. The management promised that the vacant posts would soon be filled. However, the hospital was in such a sorry mess that one by one doctors started leaving.
This year , from January to April, 25 doctors have left. Despite the management twice advertising the vacant posts, no doctor is prepared to come and work in this hospital. According to sources there have been six interview sessions for appointing Senior Residents but only two posts have been filled so far. 40 doctors were invited for the posts of Senior Consultants but only two could be appointed in the Gastromedicine and Anesthesia departments.
Patients admitted to the wards are facing a lot of difficulties because the shortage of doctors is affecting post-operative care. President of Bhopal Gas Peedit Mahila Udyog Sangathan Abdula Jabbar said that patients are not receiving proper care. They can not get investigations done. Patients are given delayed appointments.
“Posts that need to be filled for the hospital to run are already filled. We are doing a good job of running the hospital. We are continuing with Interviews to find doctors. We are sure whatever lacunae there is [sic] would be taken care of.”
– Aziz Ahmed Siddiqi, Working Trustee, Bhopal Memorial Hospital

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