Slight increase in lung diseases in Bhopal: study

Source: The Hindu
PONDICHERRY: A recent epidemiological review in Bhopal reveals there is a slight increase in cases of lung diseases, said N. K. Ganguly, Director-General, Indian Council of Medical Research.
The Council review to ascertain the long-term health impact of the Bhopal gas tragedy showed lung cancer and chronic lung disease cases had increased slightly, he told The Hindu on the sidelines of a four-day seminar on `Prevention of biomedical risks,’ at the French Institute here.
Initial review among babies born recently did not find any genetic abnormalities. “However, … We are taking our investigation to a higher level among infants.” All other health risks had come down in the region during the last few years.
As for the outbreak of avian flu, Mr. Ganguly said it was restricted to birds in two districts of Maharashtra and Gujarat. “It has not affected human beings and the people can start eating poultry products.”

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