Solidarity with the victims of Bhopal: Motion lodged in Scottish Parliament calls on Dow to accept full responsibility

On the 22nd anniversary of the environmental disaster in Bhopal,India, Solidarity have called on the petrochemical company Dow to face criminal proceedings, fully compensate victims, and clean up the site and surrounding areas.
On the 2nd and 3rd December 1984, the worlds worst ever industrial disaster killed thousands of people in India and left 150,000 disabled. To this day over 50,000 local people are too sick to work and some are dying still. Mary Spowart, environmental activist and South of Scotland Solidarity member said:
“The Bhopal disaster got me involved in environmental politics, this was the worst ever industrial disaster but there are hundreds of Bhopals across the world and those who have made massive financial gain from the industry have failed to take the blame and face the consequences.”
Yesterday in the Scottish Parliament, Solidarity’s Co-Convenor, Rosemary Byrne lodged a motion in parliament asking MSPs to add their weight to the calls for justice.
Motion on Bhopal to be submitted on behalf of Rosemary Byrne MSP:
That this Parliament notes the 22nd anniversary of the disaster at Bhopal which took place on the 2/3rd December 1984, calls on Dow to ensure that its 100%-owned subsidiary Union Carbide, along with ex-Chairman Warren Anderson, end their 13 year absconsion from criminal proceedings in Bhopal and face trial; calls for Dow to assume responsibility for the long term effects of Union Carbide’s gases and provide long-term health care for the victims and those as yet unborn who may be affected; calls for Dow to clean up Union Carbide’s heavily contaminated factory site in Bhopal and provide safe drinking water for communities whose wells have been poisoned by chemicals leaking from the factory; further calls for Dow to provide economic and social support to people who have been incapacitated by their injuries, and families which have become destitute as a result of losing the breadwinner.

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