Solidarity with victims of the tragic Bhopal incident

Four decades after the end of the toxic chemical warfare waged by the US forces in Vietnam (1961-1971), the impact of its destruction still remains disastrous in the southern part of this country, particularly in the “hot spots”.
In order to win their battles, these forces managed to pour eighty millions litres of toxic chemicals so called defoliants, over millions of acres of land. These defoliants, especially Agent orange highly contaminated with a deadly residue called dioxin. The effects of Agent Orange/Dioxin have until today caused the death and disability of millions of Vietnamese victims. Many Vietnamese children of the second and third generations were, are and will be born with birth defects.
Though with full knowledge of their dangers certainly imposed on human beings and environments, these defoliants were still produced and supplied by various American chemical companies for the sake of enormous profits. For these reasons, not only veterans of the U.S, the Republic of Korea, Australia and New Zealand, but also Vietnamese victims have lodged claims against them in the U.S Courts for justice.
Now, in addition to its liability for the Vietnam War’s victims, Dow Chemical, is even responsible for the Bhopal disaster against the Indian local people. As victims of this chemical manufacturer and being denied by this company and others to enjoy correct compensations and justice, we, Vietnamese completely feel it necessary to show our solidarity with and support for the struggle conducted by the people of Bhopal.
We so urge that the Government of India would back their just cause. We call upon all the activists for human rights, for justice and for peace to make their tragedy and their sufferings known to the world, and to demand that justice should be affirmed.
On behalf of the Vietnam Association for Victims of Agent Orange/Dioxin
Tran Xuan Thu.
Vice-President, Secretary General.

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