Summer's going to be hotter

New Delhi: It’s only April, and the summers have just set in but heat is already burning down in North India. And the temperature is expected to rise further in the next few days.
The Northern India is reeling under intense heat and the temperatures continue to soar. But Ahmedabad, Patna, Bhopal and Chandigarh are the worst hit areas.
The maximum temperature across north India is 40.C but according to the met department the worst is yet to come.
“We are expecting the temperatures to rise here further in the next few days,” says a Met official in Ahmedabad.
And to makes things worse, there’s acute power and water crisis across the Northern region. People in Bhopal have to wait for weeks for adequate water supply.
In Chandigarh, residents have been asked not to water their lawns or wash cars during peak morning hours by the city administration.
And in the capital, the tourism industry has been hit hard. There aren’t many takers for Delhi’s delights as the temperature soars. “Delhi is not only hot but it’s very humid too and that makes the suffering worst,” says Nicola, an Italian tourist.
As the weather-man predicts higher temperatures in the coming days, a scorching summer awaits India.

(With inputs from Piyush Pushpak in Patna, Arunima in Delhi and Hemendra Sharma in Bhopal.)

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