Survivors claim demands ‘logical’

Staff Reporter, The Pioneer, Bhopal, March 12, 2007
The representatives of the four survivors’ organisations on Sunday attempted to establish logic behind all the demands made by them after the Chief Minister’s assurance on Saturday that all logical and lawful demands of protesters would be met.
Meanwhile, four more people joined the ongoing hunger strike to express their solidarity with Bhopal gas survivors. A representative of one of the four survivors’ organisations Rachna Dhingra told The Pioneer that all the demands regarding medical care, economic and social rehabilitation and protection from Union Carbide’s poisons are logical. She tried to establish the logic behind the demands before the mediapersons.
Two women from Mahila Manch – Tultul and Rinchih – also joined the fasting people along with two gas victims, Champa Devi and Kailashi Sharma.
Demands of protesting gas victims include free treatment to residents of communities near the Union Carbide factory where groundwater got contaminated after the tragedy, scrap Rogi Kalyan Samiti, fill vacant posts of specialists, physicians, paramedicals,technicians and other workers, implement Drug Policy for gas relief hospitals, increase budgetary allocation by at least five times on ayurvedic, unani, homeopathic and yoga treatment, ensure adequacy in diagnostic and other equipment at the gas relief hospitals, ensure beginning of employment generation for 10,000 survivors of the disaster in the Special Industrial Area, social support and protection from Union Carbide’s poisons.

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