Survivors leaders visit stricken hospital: 50,000 survivors treatment at severe risk

Today, leaders of 4 organizations visited Bhopal Memorial Hospital Trust & Research Center to see how the treatment of gas victims is being effected due to the strike.
There were about 150 people sitting outside holding posters stating “Today’s Warren Anderson is BMHRC administration” and “Every employee demands, stop this oppression” “Stop making fool out of gas victims” We stopped outside just for a minute and then went to meet with the administration. Then we went to meet with the Director of BMHRC.
We were seated in the Director’s office for 15 minutes and finally when the director arrived he could only spare 2 minutes for us. We simply asked him how is BMHRC ensuring that gas victims will not suffer due to this strike. Mr, Indraneel Mitra (Director) stated following:
The strike is illegal because the administration was never given a notice. (This is a lie because the notice of strike appeared in the above newspaper article)
Junior doctors are asking for a board of trustees meeting to take place within a week and this is not possible because trustees live in different parts of the country.
Arrangements have been made to refer all patients to government gas relief hospitals.
The mini units haven’t participated in the strike.
Long strike could be a problem because medicines will not be available from the main hospital.
Mr Ahmadi (Chairman) is really concerned about the strike but he will not bow to any threat to come to a decision.
Junior doctors don’t really care about the gas survivors.
It will take at least one month for the board of trustees meeting to take place.
BHMT will be referring all the patients to gas relief hospitals as long as the strike continues.
He also added that he is trying to arrange for a board of trustees meeting within next month, but they will not do anything under threat.

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