Tata FAQ #13: What can the Indian government DO on the issue of water contamination?

Union Carbide/Dow Chemicals has been shirking its responsibilities and liabilities in Bhopal for the last 23 years; no one knows how long it will take to make them own up. In the meantime the Government of India can:
(1) Step in and commit full funds for and agree to a time-bound plan for delivery of piped Kolar Reservoir water to communities affect by Union Carbide/Dow Chemical’s contamination. The Kolar Reservoir is the closest clean water supply to the localities that are currently ingesting contaminated water. Other sites that have been proposed as potential supplies for clean water are either currently being tainted by sewage or in the path of being polluted by the chemical waste that Union Carbide/Dow Chemicals has still not cleaned up.
(2) The Indian Government can ensure scientific assessment of the depth and spread of toxic contamination in and around the Union Carbide factory in Bhopal.
(3) It can secure the chemical waste exposed to the elements, so as to stop further leaching of toxins into the ground water.
(4) It can make hazardous spots inaccessible for animals and people.
(5) Finally, the Indian Government can support the plaintiffs in the suit for damages in the US federal court.

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