Tata’s environmental crimes in Mithapur, Gujarat

Mithapur 1-1.jpg
Tata Chemical factory with slurry pan in the foreground. The glare makes it difficult to go near.
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A hot slurry flows into this huge pan day and night. The village PADLI of OKHAMANDAL Block is just near to this slurry pan. The slurry was earlier dumped directly in the sea for which TATA chemical received notice from State Pollution Control Board, thus the salt pan was converted into Slurry pan. Villagers of Padli have to bear with hot winds running over these huge sluury pans. There are instance where cattle have died in this pan. The bunds of the pans are made up of loose soil (waste of factory) which again creats lots of air pollution in the village.
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On paper this is agricultural land. There is so much salt that nothing can be grown in these farms. The farmer [with the white turban] is from Shamlasar village.
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Brine slurry flows through an open channel, which runs in kilometers. The channel overflows and slurry is spread in agriculture land on both the sides. During rainy season rain water fills this channel and the slurry spreads in surrounding areas turning it saline.

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