Prime Minister, did it hurt when they took out your eyes?

They must be gone because things that appal the rest of us, you seem not to see. You are blind to the agonies of 100,000 people who are still sick in Bhopal 25 years after Union Carbide’s gases leaked there.

Blind to report after report recording the presence of pesticides and heavy metals in soil and water, and blood, in wombs, and mother’s milk.

Blind to the children born blind, lame, limbs twisted or missing, deafmute, brain-damaged, with cleft-lips, cleft palates, web fingers, cerebral palsy, tumours where should be eyes – the children of Bhopal. The living children. The stillborn often can’t be recognised as human.

You are blind to the Supreme Court order to provide clean water and the failure of officials to obey it. MP Chief Minister Babulal Gaur said there was no money for clean water, then unveiled a 600 crore plan to beautify Bhopal with ornamental fountains.

Where were you when Bhopali women brought their damaged children to your house? You had them arrested. The policewomen who led them away wept, but your blind eyes did not.

When they came to your office to protest, did you shut your curtains and say to yourself, ‘I am the Prime Minister of India. I do not have to see police kicking and beating children.’

Why are you blind to promises you made after the Bhopalis walked to Delhi in 2006 and 2008? Where is the Empowered Commission on Bhopal? When will you take steps against Dow Chemical, the owner of Union Carbide?

Why are you blind to the note from India’s justice ministry, holding Dow Chemical liable for contaminating Bhopal? And for paying for a clean-up?
Why are you blind to Dow’s admitted bribery of Indian government officials?

You have proved yourself blind to justice, blind to honour, blind to decency, and to the suffering of the poor whom your high office binds you to protect.

Blind in to everything but foreign dollars?

Prime Minister, can we get our eyes removed too? Because it is becoming extremely difficult to see you ignore the truth and tell us, everything’s ok.

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7 thoughts on “Prime Minister, did it hurt when they took out your eyes?”

  1. A major ‘wake up’ call to us all. Big industry + big money = no conscience. The death of 10,000+ men, woman, and children of Bhopal are the heart-wrenching, painfully sad example of what large companies like Dow Chemical, the owner of Union Carbide, will do for the almighty buck. What will make these large corporates rethink their actions, be conscience, be human? Surely you would think the possible loss of life would.

    Our leaders are our eyes, ears, and power. They must act when we are unable to. Prime Minister, what are you waiting for? It’s been 25 years!

    My heart, my prayers go out to the people of Bhopal.

    Yes, please send me a batch.


  2. I agree with all the shame I can muster. Mr clean prime minister
    are you not as much of a murderer as the Union carbides andersson?.
    I always thought you were humble decent and honest clean and a honorable man !!! I was sadly mistaken.

    May be you sold your soul with all that all the western education.

  3. we all are responsible for what is happening to people of bhopal and other places as well. Remember we choosed this government and all the filthy politicians responsible for delaying justice. It’s like pre- independence era, we have become slave to these corrupt politicians and it is habit of ours, we are getting used to it.
    The people- students, activists and every one of us should unite to fight for their justice. With each passing day our ignorance only adds more pain to their open wounds.
    The only was to get justice is to unite every common man be on this issue, just like mahatma ghandhiji used to do -Non-violence, satyagrah and we all be free again from the clutches of corruption and jeopardy system.

  4. Mr. Prime Minister, it would be a wise thing to open your mouth and address publicly about the need to address all issues concerning the people affected.

    This is the least you can do and it will not take any extraordinary effort.

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