The sanctity of hypocrisy

Ask any so-called pro-life activist why they are against abortion and they will invariably mention the “sanctity of life”, and then begin to babble about how god gives us life so we should cherish it and blah blah blah.
Then ask them what they feel when they see homeless people just trying to get a meal or find a place to sleep. If that one’s too tough, ask about the sanctity of life of children who are suffering from malnourishment because their parents have to chose between paying the rent and buying food; why so many children in the foster care system are not taken care of properly. The next time you see one of these people holding a sign with a picture of a dead baby, ask them what they’re doing to take care of children who are already alive.
The sanctity of life doesn’t just apply to those who have yet to form lungs or are yet to be able to use their optic nerve. The sanctity of life applies to children who have been born, too. But these anti-abortion activists are about one thing: anti-abortion. Whereas if they really cared about children, they would be giving their time, energy and money to organizations like PIDD who take care of premature babies who are born addicted to drugs like cocaine and heroine. Or they’d be holding signs outisde the offices of people like DOW Chemical who have contributed to the amounts of toxic waste in our ground water — and who are directly responsible for the condition in South Vietnam where the population still suffer from the after effects of Agent Orange.
The sanctity of life applies to people who are truly, and already alive. It applies to homeless people: how is it sacred for a man to starve or freeze to death? It’s not. Freezing and starvations are much greater crimes against humanity than allowing a woman control over what grows inside of her uterus.
My point is, the greater masses of “pro-life” activists are hypocrits. They support the war. They think that food stamps shouldn’t exist. They think that people are homeless because they are “lazy”. Meantime, pro-choice activists are advocating for education and contraception. During the Clinton administration, abortion rates went down because Bill Clinton embraced the goal of Planned Parenthood: make every child a wanted child. But during the Bush administration, which is filled with and supported by the culture of life, abortion rates have gone up; twice the number of people who died during 9-11 have died in Bush’s two poorly managed wars; people have starved, drowned, and died in many ways that have not happened before in our nations’ history.
And these people dare to call themselves pro-life. They aren’t. They are pro-control.

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