Torcher of Dow’s R&D centre in Pune fails to get arrested

Statement by one of the organisations fighting Dow in Pune
as per our earlier reporting, Banda Tatya Karadkar Maharaj Karadkar, one of the most respected Kirtankar of Warkari Sampraday (sect) who had led warkaris in destroying the construction of the notorious Dow Chemicals, marched on the Chakan Police Station near Pune to get arrested. The Police, however, did not arrest him. Tatya had written a letter to the Chief Minister of Maharashtra taking the responsibility of the demolition and ready to face the consequences. He demanded that Dow Chemical should not only be thrown out the Sant Bhoomi (sacred land,) but also out of our country. In his letter he categorically states that if the government dares to again start the construction, the warkaris will again do the same kind of agitation. He demanded the immediate release of the innocent villagers who have been fighting peacefully and non-violently against the proposed plant of the notorious Dow Chemical.
Banda Tatya reading ltr to CM along with Justice Kolse Patil.jpg
Banda Tatya, standing next to Justice Kolse Patil, reads out a declaration of his responsibility for the burning down of Dow’s Pune centre
On this occasion, the police requested him not to march on the Police Station – instead they came to Chakan Bus Stop where the warkaris had assembled. The gathering was converted into a protest meeting where Banda Tatya Maharaj Karadkar clarified his position and publicly submitted his letter to the Police officials and demanded his own arrest. Even with this, the Police officials did not dare to arrest Tatya. The police said to the assembled warkaris and people that the statement of Banda Tatya would be taken “as and when required”! But they did not arrest him!
Banda Tatya giving his ltr to the Police.jpg
The police look on impotently as Banda Tatya asks to be arrested for torching Dow’s centre
The government has no courage to take any action against the Warkari, but at the same time they want the Dow Chemical plant. Now there is a deadlock, which is bound to be resolved in the throwing Dow Chemical out of our country and throwing its supporters out of power.
Shashi Sonawane,
National Convenor – Yuva Bharat

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