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As the death toll from the Boxing Day tsunami in the Indian Ocean climbs towards 300,000, we have received these updates from friends in Cuddalore, Tamilnadu and Ko Phi-Phi, Thailand.

Tsunami Update from Cuddalore
Tsunami news from Ko Phi-Phi, Thailand

We will continue updating as we receive more information.

The following information dates from the period immediately after the tsunami struck.

BBC missing persons helpline

AID (Association for India’s Development), a member of the ICJB, runs 32 projects in Tamilnadu, not all have yet been contacted. AID has set up a donation page for immediate and long term aid to victims of the tsunami.

Blogspot offering collection of links and info for people wanting to donate or send rescue materials. Details aid collection centres in Singapore and India, plus first relief efforts in Andaman and Nicobar Islands, with lists of medical supplies needed. Volunteers are needed to update and expand the page which also carries information about donating airmiles, and Everton FC’s tsunami relief appeal and much more.

Medecins Sans Frontieres (Doctors without boundaries) has opened a clinic in Indonesia’s Aceh province near the epicentre of the quake. Information and donations here.

Google’s list of links to major relief agencies accepting donations for the relief of the tsnuami victims. Agencies include American Red Cross, CARE and Sarvodaya.

Nature.com’s links page to organisations providing disaster relief.

Oxfam, UK


ABC News links to organisations carrying out relief work.

Help for Sri Lankan fishing communities
The North Atlantic Marine Alliance (NAMA) in Biddeford, Maine has set up a relief account at St Joseph’s Credit Union for Sri Lankan fishing communities affected by the disaster. The bank will not charge any wiring fees for the funds to be sent to Sri Lanka.

St. Joseph’s Credit Union
NAMA – Relief Efforts
35 Bradbury Street
Biddeford, Maine 04005

Please make your cheques payable to the NAMA-Relief Fund. St. Joseph’s will keep track of donors and send each of you a receipt.

Meanwhile we have received this update from Nity Jayaraman on the situation near Cuddalore, Tamilnadu, where we have been working with communities threatened by hazardous chemical plants:

We’re all fine here, as are the friends from SIPCOT Cuddalore. The
industrial region witnessed a rise in river water level, and flooding of
certain areas. However, there was no destruction of property, and only one life lost in the flood. The nearby areas in Cuddalore were hit very hard, with entire villages having been wiped out, and many others devastated. the loss of life has been massive. fortunately, the governmental relief efforts in cuddalore have been better than in any other place. there is no dearth of food or clothing at the moment. however, appropriate medical care remains elusive. also, material for rebuilding lives — utensils, foodgrains, stoves and money for rebuilding houses. i’m travelling to cuddalore tomorrow to better understand how we can help in a focused manner. in the meantime, i’m directing all queries to Association for India’s Development and Tamilnadu Science Forum. when the need arises. The Cuddalore monitors have been engaged in relief work, and are slowly getting back to their own lives as well.

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