Two workers remain hospitalized after fire at Dow

Plaquemine, Westside Bureau, September 16, 2006
PLAQUEMINE — Two of three contract workers injured in an electrical arc fire at Dow Chemical’s Louisiana Operations site remain under treatment in local burn treatment unit, a company spokesman said Friday. The third worker injured was released Thursday night, the spokesman said.
An arc fire occurs when electrical insulation is broken, causing an electric current to pass through the air, according to the National Fire Protection Association.
The incident occurred about 8:45 a.m. Thursday as the three were performing maintenance after a recent electrical line failure caused by lightning, Dow spokesman Gary Cambre said.
At the request of the victims’ families, Dow is not releasing the contract workers’ names or the name of their employer, Cambre said.
The circumstances that led to the flash fire remain unclear.
The flash is immediate, but the these incidents may cause severe injury including burns, the association reported.
The two still under care are in a burn treatment unit at a local hospital, he said.

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