UPDATE ON INJUSTICES: From verdict to new gov’t plan

You have probably already heard about the June 7 verdict of Union Carbide India Limited and 7 company officials. You may have read about the verdict and the public uproar in the news. You may have also learned what the Bhopalis wanted the Prime Minister to do to bring real justice.

Here’s the most recent news of betrayal by Indian Government:
On Thursday, June 24, 2010, the Union Cabinet approved the proposal by the Group of Ministers on Bhopal. Here are the ways in which this plan betrays Bhopalis:

  • The government announced new compensation for victims, which will reach less than 10% of the victims. Rs. 7 billion will be given out among 46,000 people, which leaves 525,000 people with nothing.
  • The government has approved a clean-up of the toxic waste to non-existent Indian standards by shoddy scientific organizations like NEERI. Bhopalis fear that a hasty clean up will put another community, where the waste will be taken, in danger.
  • The cabinet decided that Dow’s liability will be left to the court to decide. The Indian government has allowed Dow to continue operating in India with no consequence.
  • While the proposal does include a new extradition request for Warren Anderson, Union Carbide will not be pursued by the Government, even though it too has been charged with culpable homicide.

Read a full summary of the cabinet’s plan here.

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