***Urgent Action*** Day 2 of Waterless Fast, Join the Hunger Strike, Sign the Petition

Fast-Without Water for Justice in Bhopal
Day 2 19 June, 2004

Saturday was the second day of the fast-without-water for Shahid Noor, Satinath Sarangi and Rashida Bee. Champa Devi and Wahid are sitting along with them but not fasting. Vardrajan, Secretary of CITU, met with the satyagrahis and has promised that he will talk to the Prime Minister about sending the letter. The delegation also met with Kapil Sibal (Minister of Communications), who also promised to talk to the Prime Minister and Minister of Chemicals. Oscar Fernandez (Minister of Planning) also came to visit the satyagrahis and he too has said that he will talk to Prime Minister Manmohan Singh. Rashida, Sathyu and Shahid are in good spirits and health wise they are also doing okay. Shahid is showing signs of deyhdration and has lost 3 kilos weight. Latest medical reports here (Word file). Rashida asks us to convey her thanks to all of you.

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Email, phone, fax or write to PM Manmohan Singh and Chemicals Minister Paswan with the legal opinion why there is no obstacle to the Government of India sending the required letter to the New York Court.

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