Urgent update on previous piece: we need to get back on the phones as new panic grips Bhopal

News has just come in that survivors of the gas leak and other residents of the settlements behind the Union Carbide factory are currently in the grips of a second Bhopal. People from three communities have complained of an intense smell of the toxic pesticide BHC (Hexa chloro cyclohexane).
The cause is inadequate precautionary measures adopted by Ramky Enviro Engineers in transferring pesticides and toxic wastes within the Union Carbide factory from open spaces to sheltered spaces.
The Madhya Pradesh Pollution Control Board began work today amidst tight security provided by numerous armed police notwithstanding local demands to allow two community representatives to oversee the operations. The work is being overseen by the Chairman, Madhya Pradesh Pollution Control Board.
None of the officials are currently available on phone. But please get back on the phone/fax and send a message to the Chief Secretary, Mr. Vijay Singh.
Tel: +91 755 2441848
Fax: +91 755 2441751
Please let him know that we hold the MP Government responsible for this second Bhopal.

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