US activist Diane Wilson to receive "Blue Planet Award" in Berlin

November 21, 2006
For Immediate Release
On 2 December 2006 “ethecon – The foundation for Ethics & Economics” will award the international “Blue Planet Award” to Diane Wilson, the American environmental activist. The awards ceremony starts at 2 pm and takes place at the “Ufa-Fabrik”, Viktoriastrasse 10 – 18, Berlin.
Wilson will receive the Blue Planet Award in recognition of her twenty-year campaign against the pollution of the Texas Gulf Coast by the chemical industry and her outstanding contribution to protecting the environment.
She has continued her brave commitment despite legal charges, death threats and even assassination attempts. This distinguishes her as a defender of ethical principles in the conflict area between ethics and the economy.
“ethecon – The foundation for Ethics & Economics” will also award a negative prize, the “Black Planet Award”, to the company Monsanto. Besides being associated with pesticide contamination and especially with the Vietnam War pesticide Agent Orange, Monsanto is known for the development and marketing of genetically engineered crops, with its aim being to develop a world-wide seed monopoly. The company’s aggressive corporate strategy leaves no room for ethical behaviour.
Both awards were designed by Otto Piene – a member of the famous artist group ZERO – and refer to his famous work “Blue Planet”.
About ethecon
“ethecon – The Foundation for Ethics & Economics” creates and promotes projects, investigations, meetings, publications and other activities in order to develop alternative economic and social models which respect the environment and humanity. Social impulses must start from the roots, having a critical eye on trust and globalization, and the conflict between ethics and the economy.
For more information please contact Christina Ledermann
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