US Rep. Pallone comments on this week’s verdict

Contacts: Richard McGrath/Erin Bzymek (202) 225-4671

Pallone on the Sentencing of Union Carbide Executives for Their Involvement in the Bhopal Disaster

Washington, D.C. — U.S. Rep. Frank Pallone Jr. (D-NJ) Wednesday released the following statement on the court verdict and sentencing of Union Carbide executives responsible for the Bhopal gas disaster which left 15,000 people dead and affected an additional 600,000 people.

“I believe this court ruling is long overdue and that the executives of Union Carbide and its Indian subsidiary deserve to be criminally prosecuted.  The court’s sentence of merely two years for those responsible for the world’s worst chemical disaster is outrageous.

“All those responsible for this disaster, including the former chairman of Union Carbide Warren Anderson, should stand trial in India and receive punishment that reflects the devastation and pain they have caused for thousands of people.  Warren Anderson absolutely deserves to be extradited from the U.S. and punished for the full extent of his crimes. As chairman of Union Carbide at the time of the Bhopal gas disaster, Mr. Anderson was ultimately responsible for his company’s actions

“I would also like to take this opportunity to commend the Indian government on swift action to reconstitute the Group of Ministers to review the circumstances surrounding the Bhopal disaster and pursue rehabilitation efforts. As the GoM recommended in 2008, I encourage the Indian government to establish an Empowered Commission on Bhopal which will have adequate authority and funds to ensure that rehabilitation efforts are pursued and care is offered for survivors of the disaster.”


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