Vietnam 1975 – 2005: Thirty years later Agent Orange still kills

PARIS 30 APRIL 2005:
It’s exactly 30 years ago Vietnam recovered peace.
– 30 years after, whole families still suffer from the effects of the american chemical war, which took place between 1961 and 1971.

– More than one million people suffer from serious diseases, different types of cancer and handicaps as a result of the spreading of defoliants and herbicides, and in particular AGENT ORANGE containing very big amounts of DIOXIN.
– 200 000 children are now a third generation of victims affected by malformations and serious dysfunctions of the immune and the nervous system due to the environment contamination by those chemical weapons.
30 years after, the situation has improved in Vietnam, but some families haven’t yet found peace again.
At the 30th of April 2005, through our symbolic action:
– We show our solidarity to the victims of Agent Orange in Vietnam, Cambodia and Laos
– We support the Vietnamese association of victims of Agent Orange/Dioxin in its legal action against the american manufacturers of Agent Orange
– We act so that a social and medical help can be brought to all the families victims of Agent Orange
In this day of commemoration of peace, we raise against any use of chemical weapons of mass destruction in the world
Vietnam-Dioxin Collective
The Vietnam-Dioxin Collective calls for a gathering to support the families affected by Agent Orange which will be organized at 3 p.m. at the Centre Georges Pompidou centre in Paris.
Drums from Viêtnam, draped in orange, will accompany information to the public: distribution of fliers, signing of a petition to support the victims, exhibition of photos.
Portraits of victims from Agent Orange will be exhibited to the public, signed by Alexis DUCLOS (France), former reporter photographe at Gamma Agency, Philip Jones GRIFFITHS (United States), great reporter from the Viêtnam war, former director of the Magnum Agency, Renaud Khanh (France), independent Photographer.
Personalities from the International committee in support of Vietnamese victims will hold speeches to show their support.
Several actions of information and support to the victims will be organized the week of the 30th of April 2005:
25 April, Projection of the film: “Battle’s Poison Cloud” at the Frontline Club (Club of Journalists and media responsible) about Agent Orange organized by the Britain-Vietnam Friendship Society – contact : Len Aldis / :
30 april, Solidarity dinner at the favor of the victims of dioxin – Contact : Tam Hau :
30 april, Public meeting of information and debate, projection of documentaries – organized by the Centre of Vietnamese studies, and the Association of friendship Italy – Vietnam – contact : Sandra Scagliotti /
New York
26 and 28 April, Exhibition of posters on Agent Orange realised by students at the university of New York – Contact Diane Fox /
Chapel Hill (North Carolina)
29 april, Projection of the film “Hearts and Minds” at the Université of North Carolina – Contact Trude Bennett.
San Francisco
13 april, Projection of the film “Battle’s Poison Cloud” organised by the VietUnity-group at the Galeria de La Raza

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