Vietnam to reveal studies of dioxin-infected people

VietNamNet – Vietnamese scientists will present the findings of a study on changes in blood, gene and immune systems of those people who were exposed to dioxin at an international conference on dioxin studies.
This information was revealed by Dr. Le Ke Son, from the National Steering Board in charge of toxic chemical-involved issues, at a talk of the aftermaths of toxic chemicals sprayed by the US military held in Ha Noi on July 12.
According to Son, the findings of another study on war veteran’s diseases will also be presented at the conference scheduled to be held in Oslo, Norway, from Aug. 21-26, with participation of about 1,000 scientists from all over the world.
The official said, the Ministry of Labour, War Invalids and Social Affairs will coordinate with relevant agencies to conduct a national survey of Agent Orange/dioxin victims in order to issue a policy on provision of State allowances to third-generation victims.
During the Vietnam war, the US military sprayed at least 80 million litres of defoliant, including 1 tonne of dioxin over the south of Vietnam from August 1961 to July 1971.
According to the Vietnam Association of Victims of Agent Orange/Dioxin, about 3 million Vietnamese people are AO victims out of 4.8 million people exposed to the toxic chemicals.

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