Bhopal campaigners protest at India’s embassy in Washington

Ryan Bodanyi, Students for Bhopal, Friday 22nd, 2008
I wanted to update you all on my trip to Washington DC.

The first thing we did, on Friday the 22nd, was protest at the Indian Embassy. The reasons are obvious – they don’t like it. It’s embarrassing. It makes them look bad. It draws employees to the window and sets them all a-muttering. And we shouted loudly enough that (hopefully) the Ambassador, in his cushy office, couldn’t escape our cries for justice.
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We have a long history of protesting at the Indian Embassy, and while folks in other cities have occasionally managed to meet with their Consul General or otherwise high-ranking officials, the Embassy itself usually tries its best to shoo us away with low-level flunkies. When we protested outside the embassy in 2006, they agreed to meet with us – but refused to meet with us inside the building. Instead we were forced to stand awkwardly outside, shifting from foot to foot and surrounded by traffic.

This time was no different. After about an hour of persistent chanting, two of us went to present a petition to the embassy officials. They refused to let us in.
On March 23rd the Bhopalis are expected to reach Delhi. Between now and then we’ve got lots of work to do. If you’d like to help, you can begin taking action RIGHT NOW by visiting the March to Delhi page on our website Students for Bhopal

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