Yes, I want to be a Student for Bhopal!

IIT Delhi: 2nd March 2008
report by Shalini
Hundreds of engineering students were in IIT Delhi for the Institute’s well reputed technical festival yesterday. Bhopal supporters were up and active. Three emails, five calls and few sms’ later we were in IIT Delhi yet again with full zest to say loud and clear- We won’t let Bhopal die!
Aim was to meet students from several different engineering colleges and talk about the worst engineering disaster of the country. After all, companies like Union Carbide and Dow Chemical manipulate the well meaning intentions and talent of us – young Professionals – to further their profit graphs. So what if we don’t have millions to spend on the advertising campaigns like them, we have our conscience and we will voice it till that’s the only voice they hear from all corners.
The corridor adjoining the main building of IIT became the exhibition gallery. Only this time, the pictures were put on the ground. It wasn’t eye catching in the traditional way of mounting exhibitions, but it was more than that.
Students will stop because faces of children cried out to them, Ronak’s hand reached out to them and they found themselves unable to move. Not until they have read what the faces have to say.
And students were not the only ones.
The impact was strong. Not satisfied with pictures and pamphlets, you would move on to know more…
Reflections and reactions!
Students took pictures of the exhibition to share them with their friends who could not come to IIT this time. They came back to us to know how to organize similar events on their campuses. It is difficult to know Bhopal and not tell others about it. The shock it gives is deep and the reaction it generates is hard. But most of all, it leads to an overbearing urge to say… to shout… to scream!!
And soon students were lining up in huge numbers.
To say what they had to…
Because the voice in their head wouldn’t let them turn a blind eye.
“Prime Minister- We won’t rest till Justice is done!”
“YES, I Want To Be a Student for Bhopal!”
If you were hoping, Mr. Prime Minister, that struggle would die, think again. Thew Young Bhopal Brigade is in the making. If the buzz that was generated on 2nd March in IIT Delhi was anything to go by, we are sure you will be hearing the music. Mr. Prime Minister, first Walk your Talk and then claim your stake for the next elections. Youth is watching you. Closely and keenly!
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Please join this circle of trust, tell your friends about Bhopal, organize film screenings and exhibitions. Distribute pamphlets on Bhopal. Place website links on your orkut, facebook and messenger status. And if you need any help, feel free to contact Shalini ( But, most important, whatever you decide to do share with us. Let us join the voices of survivors!

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