Bhopal tragedy protestors to continue stir

New Delhi, April 16 (PTI): A group of survivors of 1984 Bhopal gas tragedy, who are on an indefinite hunger strike for the past four days, on Saturday said they would continue their stir unless they are economically and medically rehabilitated. “It was a difficult day for the six hunger strikers.
They are losing weight but are in good spirit. They will not bow down,” Nityanand Jayaram, a spokesman for the protestors said.
With the stir entering the fifth day, Jayaram said the protestors would be “forced to redefine” their agitation if the Government does not respond positively to their demands, including prosecution of top Union Carbide officials, making Dow Chemicals, the present owner of Union Carbide, pay for the clean-up of toxic contamination and providing clean water for the affected community.
The spokesman expressed hope that Prime Minister Manmohan Singh will give them an audience on Monday. The six protestors, part of the 46-member group which undertook an 800-km Bhopal-Delhi ‘padyatra’ which reached here on March 27, began the hunger strike this Tuesday.
Claimed by many as the worst industrial disaster, the Bhopal tragedy occurred due to “accidental” release of 40 tonnes of Methyl Isocyanate from the pesticide plant of Union Carbide in the heart of the city killing at least 20,000 people over the years.

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