Manmohan prolonging our miseries: Bhopal tragedy protestors

New Delhi, April 16 (PTI): A group of Bhopal gas tragedy survivors on an indefinite hunger strike here today alleged Prime Minister Manmohan Singh was “prolonging the torture” of agitators by not taking a decision on their demands.
The protestors, whose hunger strike entered the sixth day, said they will be “forced to re-evaluate” the strategy of their agitation if the Government did not respond positively to their demand for a meeting with the Prime Minister to flag their concerns.
“We do not know when the Prime Minister is going to solve our problems. He is prolonging the torture of Bhopalis when he actually has the power to save their living,” a spokesperson for the protestors Nityanand Jayaram said.
“If the response by the government is anything to go by, we have to say that everything is not fine,” the spokesperson said
Expressing the hope that Singh will give them an audience tomorrow, he told PTI “we were told that the Prime Minister will meet us last Friday but was cancelled as he was not keeping well. But he had time to meet Gujarat Chief Minister Narendra Modi that day.”
“Does it mean that Singh does not want to meet protestors who came walking 800-km to the capital when a question was raised about their lives?” he said.
The protestors are demanding among other things medical and economic rehabilitation, provide clean water, prosecution of top Union Carbide officials and making Dow Chemicals, the present owner of Union Carbide pay for the clean-up of toxic contamination.

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