Chennaiites launch photo exhibition in solidarity with Bhopal
Chennai, Apr 8: Expressing solidarity with the survivors of the 1984 Bhopal Gas Tragedy in Delhi, a photo exhibition on their recent “Padayatra” from Bhopal to the national capital was held here today.
The photographs of the 800-km “Padayatra”, clicked by two US citizens, Maude Dorr and Michael, who participated in the yatra themselves, and by eminent photographer Raghu Rai, are a vivid portrayal of the plight of the survivors even today.
Nearly 200 people from Bhopal living near the Union Carbide factory started walking all the way to Delhi on February 20 last,with the hope of meeting the Prime Minister and appealing for help “but the PM’s office shows no signs of giving them an appointment,” said Shwetha Narain, a volunteer of the International Campaign for Justice in Bhopal, a Chennai-based organisation.
Narain, who participated in the yatra herself and is organising the photo exhibition here along with co-volunteer Dharmesh, said rather than grant them an audience, the police took them by force and arrested several of them.
Narain also said if the same situation continued till April 11, they would go on an indefinite fast, which, he said, would spark off relay fasts all over the country.
The photo exhibition is the second on the Bhopal tragedy in Chennai this month.

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