City pledges solidarity with Bhopal survivors

NT Bureau
Chennai, Apr 9:
It still casts a dark shadow over thousands of people. The night of 3 December 1984 saw death coming out of the darkness in the form of a thick chemical fog as a villain yearning to feast on innocent lives.
Still after 22 years , the victims of the Bhopal gas tragedy had only learned to fear as their tragedy did not end with that night because 50,000 people are too sick to work for a living.
As part of the International Campaign for Justice for the Bhopal victims, a special photo exhibition and film screening on the Bhopal gas disaster under the title Madras for Bhopal was conducted yesterday at Alliance Francaise of Madras to express solidarity and support to those victims still fighting for justice.
The exhibition highlights certain instances that shook the nation and concurrently brings forth the collective struggle of a group of people who undertook a 800- km march from Bhopal to New Delhi with the single aim of meeting the Prime Minister and press him to meet their long- pending demands.

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